Bipolar Resectoscope

With the bipolar resectoscope, Gimmi® created an outstanding instrument for resections in urology and gynaecology. The combination of new electrodes and new instrument design offers a safe, efficient and economic solution for transurethral resection and intra-uterine surgery. The resection under irrigating fluids requires high power, so that a constant cutting quality can be ensured. With the bipolar procedure, the current flow is concentrated on the operating field only and not – like with the
monopolar method – passed from the surgical field through surrounding tissue and the body of the patient back to the HF surgical unit via a neutral electrode.
In bipolar, the use of NaCl irrigation solution as a medium prevents the danger of TUR Syndrom.


AlphaPort has REDUCED METAL in the body so as to minimize interference during Intraoperative Choliangiogram. AlphaPort is available with a stopcock
or alternatively with a luer connection (with silicon sealing cap). AlphaPort has a screw on cap as opposed to a bayonet connection to facilitate easier assembly
and disassembly. The reusable silicone sealing cap and silicon valve are easily removed for cleaning and reuse. AlphaPort is totally reusable.

Surgical instruments

Gimmi offers a wide range of products in the field of open surgery. In addition to the standard instruments for the various medical disciplines, Gimmi offers a comprehensive range of customized products. For details, please have a look at our 100 catalogue in the Media Center. 

HD Uretero-Renoscope

Our new HD Uretero-Renoscope is specially designed for the needs in the daily practice for Urology and has full capabilities with HD technology. Luer-Lock adaptors, the mounted standard stopcocks as well as the new 90° ligth connector allows you a better and more comfortable handling. The oval formed 7,5 | 9 | 11 Ch outer tube in an advanced material with more elasticity and stability allows you an atraumatic procedure with more flexibility. The integrated 6 Ch working channel offers you an easy insertion of rigid and semi rigid instruments through the fixed LUER-LOCK adaptors and high-flow irrigation. Current guidelines for safety, quality and cleaning according DIN EN ISO has been considered.

Container systems Container

For the sterile disposal Gimmi offers various container systems, which can be ordered in different sizes and with different lid colours. This leads to an easy distinction of the boxes.
Furthermore a wide range of accessories, for example various filter systems, completes this product range.

Gimmi Container

AlphaScope Optiken & Zubehör

The Gimmi AlphaScope line consits of high quality scopes which are produced with latest manufacturing processes and technologies.

The rod lense system is especially calculated for every scope. This provides an outstanding image brightness and brilliant detail representation.

By using of high quality parts for example Saphir at the distal end, a high stability is guaranteed.

Gimmi Alpha Scope HD

AlphaDur Fortis Microinvasive surgery

Characteristic for the AlphaDur® instruments is the patent pending ADOS-Technique (AlphaDur® Oversleeve Seal), which guarantees a very high form of stability as well as patient comfort and patient privacy. When using the ADOS-System, the instrument and sleeve become one unit and move together in unison. This causes even more strength and the ability to use additional lateral torque or pressure, which is important for a few procedures, e.g. Bariatric Procedures, Nissen Fundoplication and Para Esophageal Hernia Repair).

If the instruments need to be switched, the instrument can simply be removed from the trocar via the luer-lock connection, leaving the long port in the abdominal wall.

The so-called rotating ratchet (an inside ratchet mechanism) is activated by slightly pressing the handles together. A slightly „click“ confirms the activation. To deactivate the ratchet, the handle has to be pressed together completely.

The ADOS instruments can be used both with the AlphaPort and the new AlphaPort ADOS ports. This is why both ADOS models should be considered as having their own unique features and applications to surgeons.

AlphaTriPart System

The AlphaTriPart Instruments consist of different components. Therefore a quick and easy disassembly is guaranteed. Furthermore the modular composition facilitates the free interchange of instrument inserts and handles as well as the optimal cleaning and sterilisation.

Gimmi Tripart

AlphaDur Classic

Special features of the Classic System are:


  • Instrument consists of only two components: enables quick dismantling and easy assembly
  • Modular composition: free interchange of instrument inserts and handles
  • Optimal cleaning and sterilisation


  • Easy Rotation: instrument can be rotated 360°
  • Rotation of shaft is stopped when PEEK*-handle is closed
  • Oblique HF-connection
  • Ergonomic, easy and precise single-hand use
  • Light weight, therefore greater comfort


  • AlphaTriPart multifunction handle or AlphaTriPart-Handle without ratchet
  • Completely autoclavable
  • Components separately available
  • Only damaged component needs to be replaced, not complete instrument
  • Versatility: fewer instruments are required

* PEEK is the short chemical denomination of carbon fiber reinforced, radiolucent polymer with high stiffness and temperature tolerance > 250°C.