Innovations from Gimmi®

This is where you will find the latest products from our in-house development.

Whether we continue to advance our technology in endoscopy or include new solutions for the operating room in our range of products: with our innovations, we offer you comprehensive solutions for your operating rooms.

All our products have CE marking and can be sold within the EU. For all other countries please contact our customer service.

AlphaNovoCam 4K UHD

With our Endoscopy System AlphaNovoCam 4K UHD we want to support surgeons in their demanding precision work. The term 4K stands for the resolution of videos and screens – which means higher image quality with deeper range of colours and magnifi ed picture. The new system makes the surgeons work easier and makes surgery on the patient even safer.

Bipolar Resectoscope

With the bipolar resectoscope, Gimmi® created an outstanding instrument for resections in urology and gynaecology. The combination of new electrodes and new instrument design offers a safe, efficient and economic solution for transurethral resection and intra-uterine surgery. The resection under irrigating fluids requires high power, so that a constant cutting quality can be ensured. With the bipolar procedure, the current flow is concentrated on the operating field only and not – like with the
monopolar method – passed from the surgical field through surrounding tissue and the body of the patient back to the HF surgical unit via a neutral electrode.
In bipolar, the use of NaCl irrigation solution as a medium prevents the danger of TUR Syndrom.

HD Uretero-Renoscope

Our new HD Uretero-Renoscope is specially designed for the needs in the daily practice for Urology and has full capabilities with HD technology. Luer-Lock adaptors, the mounted standard stopcocks as well as the new 90° ligth connector allows you a better and more comfortable handling. The oval formed 7,5 | 9 | 11 Ch outer tube in an advanced material with more elasticity and stability allows you an atraumatic procedure with more flexibility. The integrated 6 Ch working channel offers you an easy insertion of rigid and semi rigid instruments through the fixed LUER-LOCK adaptors and high-flow irrigation. Current guidelines for safety, quality and cleaning according DIN EN ISO has been considered.

Alpha Versa Pump Multi functional device

For saving costs and space, Gimmi has developed a multi functional pump. The Alpha Versa Pump combines four applications in one unit. The simple handling as well the safety feature for every application complete the design of the pump.

Gimmi Alpha Versa Pump