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Dr. Matthias Schmidt

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Great care has been taken in the compilation of the content of this website and the associated information. However, these only serve as non-binding information, as well as to present GIMMI GmbH and its products. GIMMI GmbH cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the descriptions on this website. Furthermore, the information contained on this website does not replace the accurate, up-to-date product information and operating and safety instructions provided with a purchased product. Any guarantee of the fitness of use of products for specific purposes is also not to be inferred from the content of this website. In so far as any claims may arise from the Internet presentation or the associated information provided by GIMMI, the liability of GIMMI shall be limited to gross negligence and intent.

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Concerning information you provide to GIMMI GmbH, you are responsible for guaranteeing its content and correctness, and ensuring in its transmission and use as directed by GIMMI that the rights of third parties are not being violated. The user hereby agrees to GIMMI’s storage of this information and use of it for commercial purposes, provided it is not personally identifiable information.

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