Gimmi® GmbH

Gimmi® develops, produces and sells medical products for equipping operating rooms. Here, we attach great importance to ensuring that all our systems are open and compatible. This enables us to offer you the optimum solution for your needs.

Gimmi®’s quality pledge

Quality management at Gimmi® has two commandments:

First, compliance with relevant normative and regulatory requirements.

Second, customer satisfaction is always paramount. For this reason, we do not simply offer an array of products but strive to provide you with exactly the right solution to your problem at all times.

This philosophy has accompanied the work of the Gimmi® Service department for more than 80 years. And successfully, too, as our customers report:

“In the search for instruments for microinvasive surgery, I found Gimmi because they were the only company to have brought two things together: first, an extremely small instrument diameter, and second, an exceptionally high strength and hence stiffness of the instruments.

This has only been possible thanks to a titanium and wolframcarbid . Unlike other manufacturers who have continually reduced the steel with the result that these instruments are not rigid and firm, but tend to flex and distort, making them poorly suited for this type of surgery. With Gimmi® instruments, we are able to work very effectively, with minimum tissue and nerve damage and consequent avoidance of post-operative pain, to prepare very conservatively and achieve a completely satisfactory postoperative result from a cosmetic perspective.” Prof. Dr. Niebuhr, surgical specialist at Hanse Chirurgie.

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